Riley Sensual Set - EVOLESCENT
Riley Sensual Set - EVOLESCENT
Riley Sensual Set - EVOLESCENT

Riley Sensual Set

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Bet on sensuality, madness and your personal charm. Choose the Anais brand that has this offer to offer you now: the Riley t-shirt, which is a real hit if erotic lingerie is at stake.

Lace in the upper part, under which beautiful breasts are visible. The binding is located on the neck, thanks to which the back is completely exposed. Under the bust line gently released material, under which there are thongs included. To the whole you can buy nasutniki, which will add even more piquancy to the whole of this rod.

Bet on eroticism fully regardless of whether your size is XL or maybe 6XL.

The set does not contain nasutników!



The model is available in a really large size XL/XXL, 3XL/4XL and 5XL/6XL. The circumference in the bust ranges from 96 to as much as 150 cm, under the bust – from 85 to 139 cm, the waist is between 79 and 133 cm, and the hip circumference covers a range of 103 to 157 cm. Thanks to this, women with extremely lush shapes will finally get a suitable, extremely attractive and above all comfortable setting of their beautiful charms.

Material composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane.


size L+ XL+ XXL+
(XL / XXL) (3XL / 4XL) (5XL / 6XL)
BUST 96-114 cm 114-132 cm 132-150 cm
UNDER-BUST 85-103 cm 103-121 cm 121-139 cm
WAIST 79-97 cm 97-115 cm 115-133 cm
HIPS 103-121 cm 121-139 cm 139-157 cm
Riley Sensual Set - EVOLESCENT