Dkaren is a manufacturer whose trademark is sublime night and evening underwear for ladies. What distinguishes the brand from the numerous competitions are elegant, yet incredibly comfortable and comfortable models with a distinctive style and fashionable styles. Luxury halls, bathrobes and sets are made of top-notch raw materials and exquisite accessories. Sophisticated knitwear, tulle and satin reign supreme here, as well as fine lace and embroidery, which guarantee excellent quality and beautiful and polished form in the smallest detail.

Among the latest proposals of the DKaren brand, which recently appeared in our online store Ekskluzywna.pl, a variety of t-shirts are at the fore. Simple, decorative or flirtatious – regardless of their aesthetics, they are a dream option for supporters of timeless styles in surprisingly luxurious views. Delicate and pleasant to the touch materials, intense or traditional shades, eye-catching contrasts, practical solutions and favorable female figure cuts – all this provides an appetizing highlight of the female figure and clever cover-up of its possible shortcomings; appropriate lengths of halls alludingly accentuated the line of legs and buttocks; discreet details add an even more exclusive expression to the designs, while comfortable adjustments guarantee a perfect fit and unique comfort and complete freedom of movement during use.




 Exclusive lingerie celebrates triumphs around the world. Women are becoming more courageous and confident in terms of sexuality, so it's no wonder that in the bedroom they want to look exquisite and attractive at the same time. Lace and sophisticated sets allow them to awaken in themselves the deepest deposits of desire. In turn, in ordinary circumstances, ladies prefer comfortable and loose outfits. Those who prefer both versions can find something for themselves in the latest collection livia Corsetti - this Polish brand is known not only in the country, but also abroad. It is engaged in the production of women's underwear for different circumstances - however, sensual designs that stimulate the imagination and make sex can become a completely new and undiscovered experience. The fair sex likes to arouse desire, and with the help of such a setting it is not difficult. Livia Corsetti Fashion is a company known in twenty countries and appreciated for its luxury products. For eleven years he has been gaining loyal clients the quality and aesthetics of underwear. Award-winning collections are acclaimed and admirable, and are also created in accordance with the spirit of current, albeit variable, fashion.

In the latest collection of Livco Corsetti we can find a lot of interesting items. Noteworthy are certainly colorful bathrobes, maintained in a subdued color convention. We may come across, among other things, shades of gold, subtle purple or powder pink. Also, proponents of classic black should not feel let down. Bathrobes are often beautifully decorated - lace, motifs, or an interesting combination of colors. Such a cover will certainly work not only as an introduction to the erotic game, but also for an ordinary evening, when we just want to feel good with ourselves and with our body.

Also, the issue of t-shirts was not neglected by Livia Corsetti. In the current collection we find quite a lot of them - both sophisticated and stimulating senses, as well as those designed for everyday use when we go to bed. Pastel blue, white, black and shades of gray are just some of the color proposals presented in the latest designs. There is also no shortage of space for fancy finishes - we can see here lace, contrasts and color accents, or fine mesh. Ladies can find suggestions both more polite and provocatively translucent. More loose variants also look elegant and stylish.

A large part of the Livia Corsetti collection is occupied by bold and luxurious sets that can really light up the senses in the bedroom. They present themselves absolutely uniquely and magnetize with precision, as well as aesthetics of workmanship. Some of them are more prudery, others reveal a little more and in an unusual way expose the sensuality hidden in the female body. This wonderful atmosphere is created by polished laces, emphasizing shapes and sometimes laying out in fancy patterns. In this category we can reach for both more classic conventions, as well as exclusive bold and innovative positions. There was also a festive accent. Costumes of charming snowflakes, in the colors of white and red, both intriguing and attractive.

The collection is crowned with luxurious accessories such as stockings and tights, which are a great complement to everything in the latest offer. They can be a fancy finish to our outfit, as well as serve as a variety of what we have in our wardrobe.

Livia Corsetti has created a comprehensive and diverse proposal in which many ladies can find something for themselves. It's worth taking a closer look at this exclusive lingerie, even if we haven't had enough time to do so so. You can certainly appreciate the quality of the fabrics, as well as the precision of the workmanship of the individual elements. The multitude of available variants, each of which represents a high level, should also not be overlooked. Both women who are looking for bold erotic lingerie, as well as those who want to find something in which they will feel loose in the evenings, should familiarize themselves with this collection.


Anais Apparel is a brand specialising in the production of erotic lingerie at the highest level. Great production experience, following the latest trends, excellent cooperation with trading partners all over the world, as well as listening attentively to the needs of customers guarantee high-quality products, which are also appreciated by the industry itself. In 2012, the company received the prestigious Quality of the Year award, which confirms the right direction chosen.

Anais Apparel underwear is entirely sewn in Poland and is made of high-quality materials that come from the best Polish and European manufacturers. In order to constantly improve its workshop and stay in line with the expectations of customers, the company used modern machines, which directly translates into an increase in quality and production efficiency.

The offer of the brand includes sensual proposals, but at the same time elegant. The company regularly launches new proposals, among which reign sexy and luxurious erotic bodysuits and t-shirts made with attention to the smallest detail. What distinguishes Anais Apparel from other companies is certainly the original design and presence in their collections of erotic underwear for men, which includes original men's bodysuits or sets, which are fancy disguises.



We are proud to inform you that the wide doors of our online STORE. have opened before another new brand – ANGELS NEVER SIN. This sublime and extremely sexy erotic lingerie was created by the appreciated at home and abroad company ANAIS APPAREL. Initially, the new brand of the Polish manufacturer was created specifically for the French market and only there it was sold there. However, the collection was received so enthusiastically that it was decided to introduce it also to other markets, including our native.

This idea will certainly turn out to be a hit, because among the brand's proposals there are very innovative designs, characterized by original design and eye-caught details.

The most spectacular are inspired by the peculiar style of "show girl" slightly provocative and breaking traditional body conventions and sets. Flexible ribbons, open bras or stimulating slits in the step – all these have my senses and make intimate moments extremely spicy.